In the summer of 2016 I graduated from Minerva Art Academy with my Manifesto of Doubt installation, which received the annual Minerva Art Academy Design Prize. The installation centers around a woodcut book titled 'Manifesto of Doubt'. The book consists of 18 pages about political violence, all printed in woodcuts. Every spread in the book forms a sort of diptych, where through visual rhyme and text a narrative is created. Through this narrative I explore the area between (what we label as) resistance heroes and terrorists. The book was presented alongside the 32 woodcuts that I used to print the pages, 3 animated portraits and sound.


Another So
De Moanne
Metropolis M
Leeuwarder Courant
Dagblad van het Noorden

A selection of pages from the handprinted woodcut book Manifesto of Doubt

The Manifesto of Doubt installation during the FINALS exhibition of Minerva Art Academy

The Manifesto of Doubt installation in Museum Belvédère

The Manifesto of Doubt installation in the Westerkerk in Leeuwarden for Stichting VHDG
All work © Jan Hamstra