Commisioned poster for Goethe-Institut Israel for the exhibition ‘The Art of Utopia’ at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. My poster centers around the (Utopian) idea of an Universal Basic Income. This UBI would give everybody a monthly sum of money to provide in their basic necessities. Both the left wing philosopher Bertrand Russel and the neoliberal economist Milton Friedman pleaded for this. It abolishes poverty and might revolutionize how we think about work and money; to not be dependable on wages and have more freedom to decide for ourselves how to contribute to society and spend our lives meaningfully. Experiments show that people prioritize care for relatives, education and volunteer work, and barely work less hours. 

Image used courtesy of Goethe-Institut Israel

The poster on display at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem
All artwork copyright Jan Hamstra